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Insights into financial services consumer behaviours.

As a novel start-up in a poorly-researched space, we needed to validate the problems Whirli is solving. Sapio Research were fantastic partners from start to finish – creative in brainstorming angles, careful in designing the questions, and rigorous in analysing the results. The research brought a wealth of insights, backed by hard figures, for our business decision making and for us to talk about publicly in the press.

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In today’s uncertain climate, awareness of banking consumer behaviour, particularly regarding online banking, is critical. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, online banking had been growing as the public considered the trade-off between brick-and-mortar banks and their mobile app alternatives, along with the emergence of the PSD2 in the EU. Now more than ever, insights into financial services consumer behaviours are important to learn what services to offer to customers.

Market research into online banking to uncover consumer behaviour is integral when it comes to understanding how banks can support consumers when crises such as the coronavirus pandemic strike.

We recently conducted banking consumer market research with a client looking to find out more about how the global public’s opinions towards banking had shifted in light of Covid-19. Using online surveys, we were able to collect data from countries around the world to build a report on consumer insights around banking and compare how the populations of each region differed.

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