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Understand businesses, intermediaries, executives, corporates, VARS, MSPs, the supply chain.

Sapio research were a brilliant partner for our Electric is Now project, helping us hone the perfect survey to tap into UK consumers’ barriers, motivators and sources of influence when it comes to the purchase of electric vehicles. The resulting report has formed the linchpin of our agency’s new business strategy, with the accompanying launch event generating many leads, one of which has been converted into a piece of new business already!

Hannah Baker
Marketing and New Business Director
Foxtrot Papa Agency

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Initiating a conversation to understand what was causing gender imbalance in the Fit Out sector.

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Sapio is a team of highly experienced qualitative and quantitative researchers who understand the business challenges you face and what’s required to deliver business changing insight.

B2B market research is challenging. Products, services and markets are complex – as is the decision-making process in organisations – and the people you need to secure insight from, the decision makers, are busy and hard to reach. 

Successful B2B research projects provide direction and act as a catalyst for change but they need: understanding, pragmatism and originality, not off-the-shelf solutions. At Sapio, we take time to really understand your business issues, your products and services and even challenge your thinking (nicely of course). Once we have a genuine understanding of your business and the research needs we deliver projects that make a real difference by blending years of B2B experience with leading edge research techniques.

Sapio will:

  • Advise on the best people to interview, how to access them and the sample size needed.
  • Offer a variety of research and interviewing techniques and methodologies.
  • Design a questionnaire that is subtle enough to secure the information needed to make an informed decision and answer your business and research questions.
  • Conduct research in the UK and/or internationally.
  • Make respondents feel at ease and ensure confidentiality of information.
  • Provide specialist knowledge of industries and their individual challenges.
  • Provide a full analysis package, including recommendations and on-going support.
  • Ensure you gain maximum value from your research project, with actionable outputs.

Why use Sapio for your B2B market research?

Sapio is a full-service B2B research agency based in London.  Our researchers have over 20 years of experience in the B2B sector, working in: technology, the built environment, business services, not for profit, manufacturing, logistics and retail. Click here to view our B2B case studies and see how our research has helped businesses to grow and enhance their propositions.

We love being a B2B market research company that has a B2C perspective too. Give us a call and find out how.

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