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Instead of leading our market research with analysis techniques, we start by looking at the insight required or the challenge you need to address and then decide which technique will deliver the insight you need. Data and analytics are massively powerful but if you aren’t explicit about the question you need the data to answer, you can end up with noise and confusion. We take time to understand the question or challenge, use whatever analytics tool is most appropriate and then convey the results in a thought-provoking data-driven story.

How can I engage with my target audience more effectively?

For example, we might use personas or needs-based segmentation to help look beyond the traditional demographics, which can be more accurate in building a marketing strategy, and is more relatable in a news story.

How can I retain more customers and increase endorsement levels? 

Our statistical techniques delve deeper into the data, to provide you with a greater understanding.  We might use KANO, pricing or key driver analysis to give you information and insight that helps inform your business strategy.  Simple stats from a top-line survey won’t give you that.

What do customers associate with my brand? 

Alternatively, you may need to measure your brand against your competitors.  We can help you do this by using well known industry techniques, such as the net promotor score (NPS).  Tracking this information periodically can form KPIs for your business and allow you to constantly improve your offering using genuine feedback from customers.

Whatever your goal, we have a range of tools and techniques that we can use to simplify the data into coherent nuggets and a comprehensible story. At Sapio Research we pride ourselves on giving our clients actionable insights, which really make a difference to their business.  We are experts in market research analytics, with an arsenal of skills and techniques at our disposal to make the most of your data.

Some of the market research analysis techniques and tools that we can offer include (but are not limited to): 

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