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Audience understanding and branding research to improve customer perceptions

The brief

Equans is a global market leader in the sector with 74,000 employees leveraging 200 years of expertise. 

In the UK & Ireland, Equans is a provider of technical, FM, regeneration and energy services – with specialist capabilities in smart buildings, green mobility, district & embedded energy and decentralised renewables.

Equans’ 13,500 UK & Ireland employees combine these activities to help businesses, public sector organisations and government to embrace the energy transition towards net zero, and also the digital & industrial transitions that are redesigning the way we move, work and live.

The business had recently had a period of change – from a branding and ownership perspective.

In light of those changes, Equans was looking to better understand its strengths and weaknesses regarding:

  • service delivery & administration
  • brand perception, incl. identifying opportunities and evaluating the ‘value’ of the brand

Our research solution

In order to understand Equans audience and brand perceptions, Sapio conducted 20 online in-depth interviews with current Equans customers.

Contacts were provided by Equans and included customers across the UK from a variety of different sectors – including healthcare, mobile services, Central Government, and more.

Interviews lasted approximately 45 minutes and were conducted with individuals who held Management or Director level positions in a Facilities / Estates / Technical Services role.

Research outcomes and impact

Sapio undertook the design and execution of the work as well as the analysis of the data collected, presenting it back to Equans’ Executive Board.

The research helped to identify how customers perceived Equans, its key strengths and weaknesses, and also key opportunities for the business to explore.

Based on customers’ experiences, opinions and perceptions, we were able to help Equans identify key areas to achieve stand out among competitors and to help them improve customer experience.

As a result of the research, Equans has launched a company-wide project led by their Executive leadership team.

Using the key areas for improvement highlighted by the Sapio project, a number of work streams have been setup that will allow the business to track progress and make key improvements on the areas raised.

Richard Morgan, Head of Customer Experience at Equans UK & Ireland, commented:

The work Sapio carried out has given us clearer visibility on our customers views and perceptions. It has enabled our organisation to have an increased focus on the areas that really matter to our customers and to also celebrate the positive feedback that we received as part of the process.”

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How including an insights proposal differentiates Marketing Agencies at the pitch stage.

The brief

A property developer in the South of England was preparing to launch a new brand, directed at a young, social and trendy audience, very different from the one they were used to. To get their new division ready to go, the developer invited Storm12, and another creative agency to pitch for the work on the launch campaign and the website. As the conversation went more into depth, Storm12 realised that their client was not completely familiar with this new audience and was open to finding more about them. So, they decided to include market research in their approach to inform their communion strategy and creativity.

Find out more about a new audience

Interviewing 252 people living in London or the South East, with an annual income of £15k or more

What we did

Storm12 got in touch with Sapio Research and together we built the plan and a questionnaire to pin down the new brand’s prospect audience. We wanted to discover what drives the home selection process, the barriers to purchasing a house, whether the builder’s brand has any influence, and the degree of location awareness the public has. In order to do that, we interviewed 252 people living in London or the South East, with an annual income of £15k or more. The survey was sent out to our online panel, and in a week we had our results back.

The outcome

The two creative agencies in the running gave the brand very different approaches. One had a purely creative take on the brief, the other, Storm12, the successful agency, offered more confident decision-making and deeper insights by using external research. The more thought-out pitch won the client.

The insights Storm12 went on to collect ensured their messages resonated with the most relevant audience and they had clear ideas on how the new brand should develop. As an added bonus it also produced a years’ worth of content to help amplify the brand launch.

The proposal supported with deep insights from the research won the pitch

If you’d like to know more about this project, watch our interview with Stefan Buss, Head of Client Service at Storm 12:

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Flight Club

Helping an agency succeed their campaign to increase visitors at the hand of trend spotting online quantitative research.

The brief

A themed London based bar wanted to launch the brand in new cities and locations. It wanted to do this in an elegant, on-brand way that wasn’t just another bunch of London luvvies demanding adoration from ‘the regions’ but instead ensured that the brand weaved itself into the local communities.

Launching the brand into the local communities

Geographically and profile targeted online quantitative research

What we did

To support the findings of focus groups in the cities of the planned launches, we undertook geographically and profile targeted online quantitative research to confirm some of the trends and local nuances, as well as getting more of an understanding of the culture.

The outcome

Identified tier one and two media and influencers were invited to the London venue before returning to their own location as advocates. The Agency then built bespoke creative themes to fit the fabric of each city and made sure that the right people turned up to the launch. ‘Flight Club Characters’ played by actors, brought the brands’ philosophy of fun, invention, luck and surprise to life.

During the Manchester campaign they increased traffic to Flight Club’s booking areas by 53%, saw 25,000 visit the Manchester page on launch day, and generated 487 pre-bookings in two months. They also generated 76 pieces of coverage.

The Agency has since been nominated for a CIM award for best use of Data and Insight – SME

Increase of booking areas
Visits on launch day
Pre-bookings in two months
Pieces of coverage

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