Services for Agencies


We act as your “in-house” research team. Sapio offers specialist advice, project execution and analysis support so you can focus on what you do best, designing and delivering great campaigns and delighting clients. 


With Sapio you don’t need to:

  • Worry whether your questions might not get you the headlines you want
  • Worry that your questions might not make sense to respondents
  • Script the questionnaire yourself
  • Worry that you are surveying the wrong audience - we have access to 40 million+ consumers and business professionals across the globe
  • Be concerned about the quality of the respondents
  • Get tied up in the initial analysis and charting – we provide you with key take-outs
  • Work out how to cut or combine the data in different ways to look into it more deeply
  • Work out if your key take outs are statistically significant enough to stand up to journalists’ scrutiny

Basically, we take out the hassle and make you look like experts.


Sapio Research is

  • fast – 24 hrs for consumer interviews, days for B2B
  • friendly – telephone and online support at all stages
  • flexible – accommodate changing project schedules
  • cost effective (particularly for the more difficult audiences) – we have preferential supplier rates


We’ve worked in a marketing group spanning digital content to public affairs. We’ve built, bought and sold online panel sample, but we’re now panel agnostic and won’t sell you what you don’t need.


In case that’s not enough, we can also

  • Provide an objective take on alternative angles if your original ideas don’t quite work
  • Provide genuinely impartial advice on which online panel to use and get you the most relevant respondents for your campaign – online panels aren’t always what they seem.
  • Check the quality of data before sending it across to you – so you and your client won’t look foolish
  • Offer assistance even after the survey is finished.
  • Work with you to disseminate the findings through Webinars, presenting at events, facilitating roundtables etc. – we add credibility and objectivity
  • Cover all industry sectors
  • Conduct 10,000+ online interviews per month, so we have tried and tested approaches.
  • Undertake qualitative interviews when quant isn’t the best approach.


We share your goal of getting your clients a great end result for a good price. - We understand the challenges you face.