Secondary market research in business and its subsequent analysis can drive significant strategic change, such as company restructures, acquisitions and disposals. However, not every question needs original, primary market research to answer it, the explanation or report to inform it might already be out there.

Desk research can be a useful tool to avoid reinventing the wheel, particularly when you need to quickly get up to speed with a new topic, do bite sized social media content generation or understand your competitive landscape: its often the starting place when drawing up your business plan. 

DIY Research

We appreciate that start-ups, charities and small businesses for example, also need a strong data-driven approach to market research and facts gathering.  Budget can prohibit commissioning UK or International market research run by professional market research companies though. So, Sapio Research have put together a list of handy do's and don'ts when you're looking at data sources. We've also compiled a list of credible data sources too to help you along the way. We're adding to the list regularly.

Once you're comfortable you've found what you can, come back to us and we'll help you fill in your remaining information gaps and pull new insights together through primary market research methods as understanding your audience is vital to a healthy business.